Given the complexity of today's industry, PROGRAMAS PARA TELEVISION, INC. will create a personalized presentation that specifically caters to each of its clients' needs. We believe this way of delivering custom tailored content solutions in a presentation based on client specifications is a far greater and more efficient engaging approach to address individual programming requirements each client may have.




PROGRAMAS PARA TELEVISION, INC. is a diversified entity in the communications industry. It was established in 1987 and has since been dedicated to the worldwide distribution of programming of all genres and to the production of a weekly news entertainment series, various documentaries and other programming for all platforms.

Lead properties also include children's programming, films, documentaries and series as well as an array of lifestyle shows. As a renowned content provider, the company holds a successful business history and is one of the very few independent companies that continues to be an important source in the international entertainment industry for more than three decades.





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